Brand: BassBuds

Product: Earphones

RRP: £39.95

When it comes to earphones, I like them to sound clear, loud and to be of a high quality – features which usually fail when I go all out and buy myself a fancy pair, meaning I might have to resort to some DJ-looking headphones.

But, come on, it’s not everyday one likes to carry a big bag around and when we do carry small bags, why should your phone accessories be an issue? Better yet, why should our preferences of higher quality sound suffer too? However, smaller earphones never seem to live up to the sound for me.

Then came along BassBuds: the packaging was impressive and prestige which immediately raised my expectations. I requested a pink pair as they had a wide range of colours from platinum, green, gold, dynamic and candy.


The radiance and close attention to detail caught my eye because I instantly noticed how much BassBuds earphones stood out from most that I have owned or seen in the market. The colour was vibrant and the Swarovski Elements crystal which is embedded within the earpiece added a touch of elegance.

The location of the crystal meant that if you had a ponytail hairstyle or a simple short cut it would be an added accessory to earrings – very fashionable. The earphones also came with an additional bag of ear buds, handy bearing in mind that one seems to always eventually get lost. Huff…

After my rush of excitement over how fabulous and pretty the earphones looked, I got down to business.

I wondered if they simply looked good for nothing, but as I felt the wiring of the earphones but they did not feel weak – which was a plus. Despite this, I was still wondering how long it would be until the sound goes out of one ear or until the wire begins to dismantle?

It was time to really test the sound waves and see what BassBuds was really about, so I decided to turn up some slow jams on my iPhone and check it out.


As I turned up All The Things by Joe in my playlist, the one thing I noticed was how crisp the sound was. The song sounded very empowering and bass came through clearly, which made me feel as If I was in a one woman rave.

The earphones’ bass certainly lived up to their name and it’s safe to say that BassBuds did all the things like Joe and all my other earphones didn’t do!

Testing the levels of sound escape, I allowed my colleague to play music with them at maximum volume to see if I could tell how loud her music was. I found that there are no issues with sound escape which was great because there is nothing worse than being the cause of disturbance on a packed early morning train.

To my surprise it has been about a month since I’ve had them and the sound is still crisp along with the earphones remaining in a good condition. I always have bad luck of one ear losing its sound, but, so far so good.

Another feature that got me excited was the imbedded microphone on the BassBuds. Hallelujah! No worries of missing important phone calls whilst listening to music! The BassBuds controller also allows you to use voice control and to mute calls, giving a wider range of options besides just being able to pause, play or skip.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with my earphones after using them for some time. I would surely recommend these if you have an eye for stylish uniqueness and sound quality. I found no complications with comfort. I have worn them for a long period of time and never had my usual issues with earphones slipping out my ear very two seconds.

BassBuds are currently stocked at nine Harvey Nichols stores around the UK.

Rating: 8/10