Nigerian afrobeats star Davido kicked off his UK tour on Sunday night as he performed a live concert at the Indigo2.


Eddie Kadi


D3 Dancers


Lola Rae

Hosted by Eddie Kadi, the crowd were warmed up with comedy and music from resident DJs. A full line-up of African acts followed, with performances from the D3 dancers, Mista Silva, Moelogo, Lola Rae and many, many more. A Dot Comedian even graced the venue with a little comedy sketch, which turned into a rescue operation as he later had to carry a dancer who had fainted off the stage.


A Dot Comedian

Then, finally, at 10.30pm, after the restless audience had been treated to a lengthy two hour session of support acts, Davido hit the stage like a ball of energy.


Performing his notable hits Ekuro, Dami Duro and Skelewu, the 20-year-old invited the CEO dancers on stage to perform with him.


Davido, who has quite a large number of female fans, brought an audience member on stage to dance whilst he serenaded her. You could almost smell the envy.


Although his set was quite short at 45 minutes, the Gobe star gave the crowd a taste of all of their favourite songs setting the venue alive as it turned into a full-blown party – complete with stunters throwing money off the upper seating area.


Check out our gallery of the night: