Wiz Khalifa played at the Brixton 02 Academy last night with a concert which celebrated the rapper’s music up until now.


Tuki Carter

His support acts were Tuki Carter from Taylor Gang and Trinidad James, the man behind the viral song All Gold Everything.


Trinidad James

Trinidad James performed a number of tracks from his current mixtape, 10 PC Mild, having a full-blown party on stage and even going over his set performance time by 20 minutes.


Trinidad James

Finishing on his 2012 hit, All Gold Everything, Trinidad James thanked the audience before departing the stage in preparation for Wiz Khalifa.


At about 9.30, Wiz finally approached the stage in a blue jacket and shorts suit, sporting a Boy London t-shirt underneath.

Running through songs that even went as far back to his 2008 hit Say Yeah, Wiz performed some of his biggest hits including Ink My Whole Body, Mezmorized, On My Level, Young Wild and Free and of course ended the night with the song that gained him worldwide recognition, Black and Yellow.


Unlike most rap concerts, the married father-of-one didn’t have any crazy stage antics as he focussed mainly on the musical aspect of the performance. He did, however, have a moment of appreciation for his openly much-loved marijuana, as with green and purple stage lighting, the rapper performed a selection of songs dedicated to the drug.


As he prepares for the release of his next album Blacc Hollywood, the concert at Brixton O2 Academy did not seem to centre around one specific body of the rapper’s work, but rather played out as a run through of some his most-loved songs.

Check out our gallery of the night below: