Rita Ora at the Stephen Lawrence concert at the O2 on Sunday

Most of us wouldn’t wear the same outfit twice if we knew we were being photographed – Facebook and Instagram have ruined everything – but Rita Ora clearly doesn’t care as she wore the same red lacy dress to perform at the Stephen Lawrence concert that she wore in Las Vegas just days before.


Rita Ora with Kate Upton in Las Vegas on Sunday

If I ever do that, I wait at least three months. Rita needs to be brushed up on her repeat outfit etiquette.

Performing at the O2 Arena on Sunday, Rita took to the stage to commemorate the 20th anniversary since the year of 18-year-old Stephen Lawrence’s murder.


She wore the lacy floor-length dress for the event, styled with her staple red lipstick, chunky gold jewellery and wore her blonde locks loose; similar to her styling on Thursday night at the Hakkasan Nightclub party in Las Vegas.


Rita does look good in it and it’s understandable; sometimes you buy a hot new outfit and you want to wear it everywhere you go – to the supermarket, every club, to work… but you don’t.

Yes, Rita you look nice and the lace is revealing your bodysuit underneath but… Next time don’t wear the same eye-catching outfit in the space of a week.