rita ora holes in her top There are only three reasons why a celebrity would go around with holes in their clothes.

  1. They are trying to start some crazy fashion trend
  2. They’re broke
  3. They accidentally let some ash from a spliff fall onto their clothes

rita ora smoking weedRita Ora was snapped heading to a meeting in Culver City, LA on Wednesday dressed in a pink jumper that had very noticeable holes in it. Now I don’t know what type of meeting Rita was heading to (maybe it was one with her weed guy) but I certainly wouldn’t be dressed like that if I was meeting someone important.

rita ora weed

The How We Do singer was pictured with Snoop Lion earlier this year celebrating 4/20, which is national weed day for those of you who don’t know. And she had a very healthy looking spliff in her hand, I’m sure she didn’t throw away after the picture.

Someone get this girl an ashtray!