sian green leg 2013 today show

The British tourist whose leg was severed in a freak accident while on holiday in New York, has appeared on TV for the first time since the incident five weeks ago.

sian green leg now amputated

Sian Green appeared on the Today show, giving an inspiringly positive and strong interview, thanking the kindness of the strangers that rushed to help her, including plumber David Justino, a pizza truck owner and celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz. She credits them for saving her life.

sian green leg amputated interview today show

The 23-year-old, who aspired to become a model, was on the show with her best friend Keshia Warren whom she praised and paid tribute.

She’s been my rock. I couldn’t do half the things without her, I really couldn’t. We came here thinking we were just coming on a holiday, and then it’s been a whirlwind and it’s turned upside down.

sian green leg now taxi accident

Despite her tragic ordeal, Green appeared cheerful and upbeat and said that although it’s been a difficult journey, one that is far from over, she is managing day by day.

I haven’t been out in five weeks. It takes me back a little bit, even when I see a yellow car…. But I’ll get there.

sian green leg nowThe accident is still being investigated, but so far no charges have been filed against the careless cab driver.

Watch the interview below.