sinitta simon cowell abortion baby

Sinitta has reportedly revealed that she aborted a baby she was expecting with Simon Cowell.

The shock revelation comes months after it was announced Simon Cowell was expecting his first child with socialite Lauren Silverman. The Daily Mirror revealed that when she was asked if the 53-year-old was the father of her aborted baby she said yes.

The former couple, who dated on and off during a 20-year period, first started seeing each other in the ’80s. But their relationship didn’t last due to her infidelity and the X factor boss’ unwillingness to settle down.

sinitta simon cowell baby abortionIn an interview with the Daily Mail in 2009, Sinitta said she wouldn’t reveal the father of the unborn child when she discussed her abortion.

So what’s changed?

The former pop star admitted that she  felt “betrayed” by Cowell after learning about his child with Silverman and said she burst into tears.

Well I would burst into tears too. I mean that baby’s set for life. He/she will never know poverty and will probably hang out with the likes of Blue Ivy, North West and Harper Beckham.

Sinitta has been giving interviews like every week since the baby news dropped. We know you’re sad, jealous and angry. But you need to get over it girl. You had him, you lost him. Now move on.