smiler six pack

Smiler may want to get himself a bodyguard, because once the ladies out there realise he has, what will soon become a perfectly sculpted six pack hiding under his clothes, there may be a stampede.

The south London star uploaded a topless photo of himself on Instagram, telling his followers how hard he’s been working to get into shape.  He said:

No Monday morning gym session today so did workout at home. 40 minute run, 200 press-ups, 200 crunches and a high protein breakfast! Feeling great today! I’ve been putting in mad work.

I can see that! I’d probably need to rub his chest though just to make sure…

Smiler has been doing an amazing job on his weight loss journey. And his personal trainers from Team Dyle showed us just how much progress he has made on their Instagram page.

I need to go back to the gym!