When the news broke of Tim Westwood leaving BBC Radio after nearly 20 years, I for one was wondering what the hell he would do with himself.

With his faux American accent, oversized t-shirts and wannabe gangster attitude, I just couldn’t picture him retiring to the countryside in a village full of OAPs.

So luckily for Tim, the long-reigning Hip-Hop DJ has gone back to doing what he loves and what he’s good at with a new job at Choice FM.

Announcing the news on his YouTube channel with the help of funnyman Kevin Hart, Tim let fans know that he’d be a permanent fixture on Choice FM with a Saturday night slot at nine to 11pm with the first show starting on 21 September.

All the residents of any small retirement towns who were worried that Tim was on his way with his ghetto blaster can rest easy; order has been restored and he’s back on the airwaves.