Top Boy

SPOILER ALERT: Last night, the second series of Top Boy ended with a massive cliffhanger as the budding rivalry between Dushane, Sully and an Albanian drugs gangs came to a head, resulting in Michael being thrown out of an estate window by said Albanians as he tried to warn Dushane of their presence.

Now, whilst the suspense created in the storyline begs for a third series (or even possibly, a film), the drama which is both praised and criticised for its depiction of the young black community had everyone typing away on their keyboards ready to share their responses.

Others, however, weren’t as impressed with the dramatic ending:

Seeing as it was mainly the power of social media that pushed for the second series to be created, it seems almost inevitable that a Top Boy three would be coming our way. Hopefully it won’t be another two year wait and we’d have more than four episodes.

What do you think? Is Top Boy 3 needed?