lucy mecklenburgh tulisa bitch fhm

We know Tulisa isn’t the most popular celeb out there, and she has more than a handful of famous enemies. But still, calling her a bitch in an interview is a bit mean.

TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh is FHM’s September issue cover girl and told the men’s magazine that she has no respect for Tulisa.

I have no respect for Tulisa, I think she’s a bit of a bitch.

Yeah, as do most of us hun, but we don’t go shouting about it.

lucy mecklenburgh tulisa bitch fhm 2013

Am I bovvered?

Their beef stems from the time when Tulisa was picked by, God knows who, as FHM’s sexiest woman in the world.  According to reports at the time, Tulisa’s team told FHM party organisers that she wouldn’t attend the bash if a member of TOWIE turned up. And obviously they needed their winner at the event so Lucy had to stay at home.

Well if that’s true, we reckon Lucy has every right to be mad. We’re just waiting for Tulisa’s response now…