tulisa riding a horse trent park

If there was an image I thought I would never see, it would be Tulisa horse-riding. But what do we have here? The former X Factor judge on a horse, with cute little riding boots and a perfectly made-up face.

Tulisa took to Instagram to tell her fans about her new hobby, sharing pics of her bouncing along on a horse at the Trent Park Equestrian Centre.

When I saw the picture of Tulisa on horseback, I was instantly reminded of Katie Price who has been trying for the past few years (and succeeding) to make horse-riding look slutty.

Kate-Price-book-launch-on-horse tulisa

Not only does Price have an equestrian range, but she has even turned up to a book launch on a horse. I mean who does that?!

tulisa riding a horse

Tulisa hasn’t been having much luck with her music career, judging career or anything else to be honest. Her album was a flop, she split up from her footballer boyfriend because of Louboutins, she’s facing charges for being a drug dealer and she was dropped from the X Factor. So maybe the 25-year-old is thinking of taking up show jumping, with the hope of making it to the Rio Olympics?

Who knows. But if this is supposed to be part of her image change, then she’s going to have to do better than jumping on a horse.