mobo awards 2013

It’s nearly that time of year again. The time where we head off to a city we wouldn’t normally go to for the MOBO Awards.

This year’s MOBO Awards will take place at The SSE Hydro in Glasgow and even though we’re sure we will find out soon, we’re itching to know who will be hosting this year’s event.

But seeing as we don’t know yet, and with the nominations ceremony happening this evening, here are five women we think should be up on that stage, presenting the MOBOAwards.

Alesha Dixon

alesha dixon mobo awards host

OK, OK she’s hosted like a hundred times, but that means she knows what she’s doing and won’t ruin the whole show like a certain broke presenter did last year… Plus she’s pregnant and we really want to see her bump squeezed into a pretty dress and maybe even a performance a la Beyonce at the 2011 VMAs.

Jourdan Dunn Jourdan-Dunn-mobo awards host 2013

Three words. Jourdan.Dunn.Naked.

Need I say any more? The MOBO Awards have never been hosted by a supermodel before and we think Jourdan will be the best girl for the job. There would obviously have to be something in her contract which states that she’s not allowed to host fully dressed though.

Jourdan currently has her own cooking show, Well Dunn with Jourdan Dunn, so maybe she’ll bring along some Jerk Pork and, I dunno her little brother Antoine…

AJ Odudu

The Hangover Part III Premiere

I really fancy AJ and her cute little accent and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks she would make a perfect presenter for this year’s MOBOs.

The 25-year-old always looks amazing, so we’re confident she wont let us down in the fashion stakes. And unlike some of the previous celebs who have hosted the show, AJ is actually a presenter, like – a real one with experience.

Tulisa tulisa mobo awards host 2013

You didn’t think we would leave her out did you? An alleged drug fixer who’s allegedly had lip fillers and has a sex tape? Did I hear someone say ratings?

Tulisa is one of those celebs we love to hate. She’s never out of trouble these days and we imagine she’ll bring her little lap dog Gareth Varey and have him on all fours wearing a leash as she presents the show.

Will she be wearing a Givenchy gown you ask? No, because we all know that the former N-Dubz singer panics when she’s doing something important and wears the most ridiculous thing.

Plus, let’s face it – she needs the job and we’d all love to see her on the telly again.

Alexandra Burke alexandra burke mobo awards host 2013

Do you guys remember when Alexandra Burke was a temporary judge on the X Factor? Oh you’ve wiped it out of your memory too? Okay dot com. Well it was pretty bad. But that was years ago and she’s a blonde now, which means she’s a new and improved woman.

And I don’t know if anyone else has put two and two together but, Aburke released an EP for free. For free people, as in she won’t be making money from any sort of sales. A gig as a presenter would probably be good for her bank account right now.

So what do you reckon? Do you think any of our five will make the cut? And who would you like to see hosting the MOBO Awards? Let us know in the comments below, and remember Beyonce is not an option. Neither is Rihanna. Or Miley Cyrus. Who said Estelle? Get serious!