The “Will they? Won’t they?” tension that fans of Wiley and Dappy have been suffering in the last few months have come to an end as the two musicians announced the cancellation of the Meeting of Minds tours due to “unforeseen circumstances”.

A statement released explained:

Due to unforeseen circumstances Wiley and Dappy’s ‘Meeting Of The Minds’ Tour in October and November has been cancelled.

All refunds will be available at point of purchase. Wiley and Dappy would like to apologise to all fans and hope to be touring soon.

Unforeseen circumstances? Is that code for “Wiley had another episode and decided not to do it”? It might be for the best as he’s been toying with the emotions of ticket holders over the tour ever since it was announced.

However, he did say he didn’t want to do it because he felt management only got Dappy on board so more tickets would sell. So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised; Wiley’s just doing whatever makes Wiley happy.