wiley wants dizzee rascal gig

Speaking at the MOBO Nominations party, when asked if he was looking forward to his upcoming Meeting Of Minds tour with Dappy and Angel, Wiley gave the simple, straightforward answer of:


He then went onto explain that his arm had been twisted by his management who thought that a lot of tickets would be sold if he brought Dappy along to the tour, whilst Wiley expressed that he’d rather do the tour alone.

I just done a tour in June and I’m doing another one again in October, it’s too soon.

I’d rather know that I can sell tours by myself, but… they want Dappy too. But oh well, guess what? Dappy’s going to have the closing set because… that’s how it is, that’s what they want.

I really don’t wanna do it.

Tell us how you really feel.

Despite Wiley being sure as sure that the tour was going ahead, when I asked fellow tour mate Angel about, he shrugged his shoulders and said he hadn’t really spoken to Wiley about it.

Good to know everyone’s clear on the situation…