rihanna lookalike tamera foster x factorShe smokes weed, dresses well and sings Rihanna songs. I think it’s time we prepared ourselves for a new female singer, who may become the UK’s answer to the Bajan star.

tamera foster silver rock x factor

For those of you who don’t have to memorise the names of X Factor contestants, Tamera Foster is the one who auditioned as one half of the duo Silver Rock then went solo. She’s also the one who got in trouble for tweeting about getting high. And yes, Tamera is the girl who forgot her words during her arena audition.

Tonight you’ll catch the 16-year-old singing Rihanna’s Stay, wearing a bandana in her hair. A trend Rihanna wore non-stop in 2011.

tamera foster rihanna

rihanna bandana tamera foster bandanaAnd it’s not just an interest in bandanas that the girls have in common. It’s their whole outfits. Let’s just hope that if she is going to be our Rihanna, she does it well and doesn’t end up turning into Rita Ora. We don’t need another one of her.

tamera foster rihanna lookalike