Last week Saturday Pappzd attended the Makeup Show Live at the Hilton London Metropole. I know as much about makeup as an Amish woman, so I had my notebook and pen ready to write down any tips.

After I realised that I wouldn’t be getting any freebies from the make-up stalls, I thought, “there has to be something else I can take away from this show”. So I decided to find out the most interesting things I could about the Makeup Show Live and its guests.

There’s a beauty product full of diamonds

diamond blend makeupshow liveYes you read that right. As well as wearing diamonds on your hands and neck, you can now have the expensive gemstones infused into your skin. A company called Diamond Blend have created products that use dust from industrial diamonds. The products exfoliate and rejuvenate the body. And also make you glisten, if you look closely enough.

Now that’s what I call feeling like a million dollars. Well, more like £55 if you’re looking at purchasing the 24 hour moisturiser.

Javine Hylton is still making music

javine hylton makeupshow liveDoes the name Javine Hylton ring a bell? Yes? No? Maybe so? Let me jog your memory. Javine was a contestant on Popstars: The Rivals, a 2002 talent show which created Girls Aloud. She was one of the last six contenders for a place in the girl group, but missed out on a spot.

The 31-year-old is also the woman who had an affair with MC Harvey, the then husband of singer Alesha Dixon. She is also the one who was called “a slag” on Never Mind the Buzzcocks by Jamelia. And she’s the one Harvey knocked up and cheated on. Oh and she won the UK heat of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005.

So yeah, she’s done a lot of things. Though despite the fact that she hasn’t released a single since 2006, she was asked to perform at the Makeup Show Live. However she is working on some new music and developing her film career. So maybe this was like a comeback performance type of thing.

Eryca Freemantle used mud as make-up

eryca freemantle makeup-show-live-2013-hilton-hotel35If you’ve never heard of Eryca Freemantle, you need to start Googling. The award winning and celebrity make-up artist was one of the special guests at the Makeup Show Live and we found out something about her we never knew before.

Freemantle used to use mud as make-up as she couldn’t find anything suitable for her skin at the time. Now before you say “yuck that’s gross, what kind of crazy lady puts mud on her face”, listen to this. When Eryca was 22-years-old she was involved in a near fatal car accident that left her with over 200 scars to her face, loss of hair and a near amputation of her left leg. To leave the house she had to cover her scars and discoloration with a mixture of her mother’s foundation and mud.

There’s a mojito flavoured soap

cherry coco mmojito soapmakeup-show-live-2013-hilton-hotel38A company called Cherry Coco have made a mojito flavoured soap in celebration of London Cocktail week. Their soaps are made from natural ingredients such as sunflower oil, peppermint and grape seed oil. And a block of soap takes about a week to be made. I asked the owner if I could lick the bar, but she said no. Also taking a bath with the soap will not get you drunk.

There are people in the world who you can ask anything makeup-show-live-2013 (17)

Who was your last sexual partner? Do you enjoy your job? If a boat was sinking and you could only save one person, who would you choose between Blue Ivy and North West? These are some of the questions I asked one of the ladies who was helping out at the Makeup Show Live.

Unfortunately she was unable to answer any of them. Though she did answer some of the more family friendly questions such as: “what time does the show end?” and “where is the press area?”.

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