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Following this month’s MOBO awards, I caught up with Best African Act nominee Atumpan to talk about his newest single, and attending this year’s ceremony.

It was a very good event I loved it. It was good [to be nominated] that was my first time. And it told me that I need to work hard, so I can get other nominations for other awards.

Losing out to Fuse ODG created no hard feelings for Atumpan though as he explained that it only made him strive to do better. However, talking to people at the event afterwards, he soon realised that his loss probably wasn’t as bad as it may have seemed:

The whole thing was between me and him [Fuse ODG].

With it being two years since the release of his hit song The Thing, Atumpan performed his latest single Clap Clap for the first time ever on TV show Raise Your Game. And with it getting such a positive reception from a crowd who did not know it well, he assured me that his latest single would be sure to have the same vibe and hopefully the same success.

And with people always willing to do a new afrobeats dance and routine, he also suggested that the song would get listeners on their feet:

Clap Clap has a clap routine to it, all afrobeats go good to the Azonto dance. So we can still do the Azonto to it.

But not forgetting the song that got Atumpan recognised, he noted that the song was definitely not forgotten and still gets a wild reception when played:

They go crazy. Everybody knows that The Thing is an anthem.

Touching on his collaboration with this weekend’s Afrobeats Festival performers Vibe Squad on their song Come Over which they performed on the night, Atumpan spoke of how them working together just seemed to fall into place naturally:

They are my own boys, my protege’s so when I heard the song I told them “you need to do a remix”. In fact I didn’t even wait for them to ask me, I actually called them and said let’s go to the studio.

As one of the artists to have one of the biggest songs to come out of the movement, Atumpan had the best of wishes for the Afrobeats Music Festival, hoping that the event would be the beginning of further growth in the scene:

It feels great. It’s so great to be a part of that movement. In the next 10 or 15 years, when I’m walking down the street people will be like “he’s the person who started the movement”.

Atumpan’s new single Clap Clap is currently out on iTunes.