charlie sloth crazy fan sexCharlie Sloth. The hottest fat guy in the world. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Just ask one of his fans Amelia, who declared her undying love for the radio DJ by offering him sexual favours.

The Twitter user was at Charlie’s show at Buckingham university’s Student Union last night and obviously overwhelmed by his skills on the deck, decided that she would quit uni, give up her dreams of being a doctor and dedicate her life to pleasing Sloth.

And Amelia wasn’t the only one who thought the 26-year-old star was amazing. Other fans also took to Twitter to tell him how great he is.

Charlie hasn’t confirmed whether or not he will be taking up Amelia’s offer, but he did retweet the tweet. And in the Twitter world that’s basically a yes, so congrats on your new boo-thang Charlie!