As the radio station formerly known as Choice FM prepares for its relaunch as Capital XTRA on Monday, a number of notable urban UK musicians have found themselves unfollowed or even blocked by the radio station on Twitter.

With the hopes of supporting the rebranded radio station, Wiley went to tweet them on their new Twitter handle only to find he’d been blocked:

Now with Wiley’s constant mood swings he can be a little hard to deal with at times, but I always thought that blocking was for trolls and enemies.

What has he done so wrong?

However, Wiley was not the only artist to find out that he’d been cut out of Capital XTRA’s life like a snakey ex friend, as Amplify Dot found that they had unfollowed her on the social media:

Now bear in mind that the Capital XTRA Twitter isn’t a new account for the new station, it’s the same old Choice FM account with a new handle… so why would they go through all of that effort?

Does this mean they won’t play any of their music? Just what is their reason for clearing their account of certain urban artists? I thought they were an “urban dance” station!

I wonder who else is a casualty of Capital XTRA’s clean out.

Under the ownership of Global Radio and the cutting of many Choice FM DJs, fans of the original station fretted that Capital XTRA won’t represent black music the way Choice FM used to in its early days. And now it looks like those fears might be coming true as they’re distancing themselves from certain artists.

… Or maybe it’s just a massive Twitter error.