Dot Rotten has given Drake a run for his money by releasing a verse to expose his ex fiancée Mz Bratt in a track titled Message To Cleopatra. Taken from a song he recorded with Double S titled Burning Memories, Dot goes in on Bratt.

Rumours of their relationship were sparked back in 2009, and it seems their relationship was actually something a little more serious than internet gossip if this verse is anything to go by.

Explaining that he wanted people to hear it (thanks for spreading the message) and telling listeners to “enjoy”, Dot outs the female MC as a cheat, calls her bedroom dirty and accuses her of neglecting him.

Mz Bratt also apparently gave Dot the exclusive sideman treatment by not telling her family and friends that they were engaged, so that she could keep on flirting with other guys.


Listen below:

So far, Mz Bratt seems to have Ray Charles’d the Message, but if she does respond this could get very messy. Quickly.

*Grabs popcorn*