mark duggan

The cab driver who was driving Mark Duggan to his destination on the day he got shot by police gave evidence at the inquest today.

Claiming that he was in fear of his own life, the cab driver who has not been named, said that three unmarked police cars sped towards him causing him to pull over:

A lot of people got out of cars. They pointed guns towards my car. They had rifles in their hands.

Regarding the actual shooting of Mark, the driver said:

I saw him get hit in his back.

The claim that Mark was shot in his back is contrary to the police accounts, a theory brought to light by a Home Office pathologist earlier this year.

When asked to describe the police officer who shot Mark, the cab driver stated that he was a tall officer who was “very angry, like someone who had lost his senses” and even feared for his own safety after being told that he would also be shot if he moved.

The driver also told the court that he had taken Mark Duggan to collect a box in Leyton, east London – the same box alleged to be carrying the gun which led police to believe that Mark was a possible threat.

He also noted that when Mark had left the car after being stopped by police, his hands were empty and he did not notice any gun fly out of his hands.

The inquest continues.