its a lot premiereI love seeing a man in a suit, especially when I’m used to seeing him in a hoodie and jordans.

femi oyeniran its a lot premiere 2

All of our favourite urban stars got suited and booted to support Femi Oyineran’s debut film It’s a Lot.

eddie kadi its a lot premiere 2013Kojo the Comedian, Krept and Konan and Charlie Palmer, were some of the celebs who put some effort into their outfit choices and posed for pictures. Let’s take a look at who suited up best.

its a lot premiere charlie palmer

Charlie Palmer, the son of EastEnders actress Bianca, posed like a scheming east end gangster in a brown suit over a black polo neck top.

kojo the comedian 2013

Although Kojo failed to wear a tie, he did have a lovely little pocket square and left a shirt button undone so we could have a look at his manly chest.

jack doolan london its a lot premiere

Actor Jack Doolan in a suit

Though clearly not everybody was brave enough to put a suit on. Some fellas played it safe with a smart blazer over jeans. Such as Boyadee.boyadee its a lot premiere london 2013

Konan was obviously thinking: “Yh I’ve just being signed, I’m too cool for ties and shit”, and wore a T-shirt under his blazer.

konan 2013 its a lot premiere

His bandmate Krept went for the same look in a blazer and t-shirt.

krept its a lot premiere london 2013

We expect to see you in a suit next time boys!