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Flavour N’abania headlined the Cokobar Music Festival in celebration of Nigeria’s 53rd Independence year following sets from fellow Nigerian artists Olamide and Sean Tizzle.

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Finishing the show at the Indigo2 on Sunday, Flavour made sure that his performance was one to remember as he performed his biggest hits and took his tank top off to reveal a body that could have only been made by the gods. Or the gym.

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Despite running the risk making all the ladies in the audience faint with his physique as he sung his most famous songs including Ada and his version of Ashawo, he went on to run a further health risk by introducing Iyanya on the stage with fireworks.

The two performed songs together and had a whine-off with each singer trying to turn the audience on by gyrating to the beats.

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I didn’t even know where to look.