Allen Kalema

Allen Kalema, 20, is facing a life sentence for the unprovoked murder of 21-year-old painter and decorater Andrew Jaipaul.

Kalema, who is a member of Archway gang Busy Block, was part of a mob that attacked Andrew – who was hoping for a career in the fashion designing industry – in June 2011 when they chased him into a playground armed with bats, knives and clubs.


Victim: Andrew Jaipaul

The gang are believed to have been seeking revenge for one of their own gang members who was stabbed in the bum by a rival gang.

The Old Bailey heard that although the Busy Block gang were out on a revenge attack, Andrew had no known gang affiliations and was simply “in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

Kalema is the sixth person to be convicted of Andrew’s murder, with the other five serving life sentences. He is due to hear of his sentence when he returns to court this Friday.