g x factor 291012Remember watching James Arthur perform for the first time on X Factor and thinking: “wow that guy’s talented, but his teeth are a no-no”?

james arthur braces before and after

Well the X Factor winner believes that getting braces, sorry being forced by Syco to get braces, has helped him to become a better vocalist.

James spoke to BANG Showbiz about his continuous dental work, explaining how having a mouth full of metal has its benefits.

They don’t affect my singing, if anything they have made my singing better, because I’m more focused on my diction. More so than I used to be, because I know that it can affect your diction so I’m thinking about that a little bit more.

james arthur kissing

He also revealed that he’s had to cut back on kissing girls because it can all get a bit awks.

 Sometimes you can get gets cuts when kissing. I was kissing a girl and I did have a little cut on my mouth and it kept getting caught and it wasn’t comfortable. So I had to stop kissing her.

James will remove his braces in December, so we can look forward to more pics of him snogging random ladies outside clubs.