Despite being the barely legal age of 16, X Factor’s Tamera Foster seems to have captured the nation with her looks and her crazy antics.

It’s not just the viewers at home who are obessed with the teen from Kent, as she revealed that 25-year-old 2012 winner James Arthur proposed to her backstage at the live shows this weekend.

Talking to The Metro, Tamera said:

He came to the studio and met everyone… He said “I’ve been tweeting about you and I want to make you smile – will you marry me?” I didn’t give him an answer – I was just laughing.


james-arthur-tamera-foster proposalHowever, joke or not, when you ask a girl to marry you the best response isn’t laughter.

Despite not giving him an answer, Tamera told The Metro:

I already have a boyfriend. He’s lovely and very supportive and he was here on Saturday to watch the show as well. It’s at the early stages of the relationship.

So, she would have said yes otherwise…?

Hopefully, James has been reading the gossip news, has seen that the 16-year-old is taken and backed off with his marriage proposal.