We were all pretty shocked when we saw veteran DJ and 2013 MOBO host Trevor Nelson step onto the red carpet with a face full of overdone make up.

A mishap we’re used to seeing on girls, the 49-year-old had us a little stunned and wandering if he noticed that he looked like Ru Paul was his inspiration for his look that night.

However, luckily for him, make up artist Pauline Briscoe who’s worked on many celebrities including Kelly Rowland, Alexandra Burke and Sarah Jane Crawford, was on hand to save the host.

Noting that Trevor himself approached her, Pauline said:

I came to the rescue for Trevor Nelson’s make up mishap when he noticed that he looked a little too powdery right before the show.

Luckily, he wasn’t too traumatised when he looked in the mirror and saw a ghostly face looking back at him, as Pauline noted:

Trevor was light hearted and joked about the situation and asked me to take a look to see if I could correct what had been done on him by another make up artist. A baby wipe and tissues later he was camera ready and picture perfect!

trevor-nelson-sarah-jane-crawford-on-stage-mobo-2013He thanked me when I showed him his face in a mirror as he was relieved that he looked back to his normal self. After that I kept an eye on him throughout the duration of the show to make sure he looked camera perfect ready at all times!

That was lucky! She saved him from looking like a vampire in front of millions of viewers on Saturday night.