malaika firth british vogue front cover It’s a week of firsts for model Malaika Firth. Earlier in the week, the 19-year-old opened and closed her first ever catwalk show and now she can celebrate her first Vogue cover and feature piece.

malaika firth british vogueFronting the cover of Vogue’s supplement magazine More Dash Than Cash, the young model spoke about gaining a name in the industry as Prada’s first black campaign model in 20 years and the second black model for the fashion house ever:

I’m proud I’m the second black [Prada] model, but also I’m bi-racial.

malaika firth british vogue featureDwelling on her Kenyan and English roots, Malaika went on to say:

It’s a positive that I’m not white and I’m not black.

malaika firth first british vogueMalaika has definitely come a long way since the beginning of her career, as she also revealed that she used to get so emotional that she’d cry every time she got rejected from a model casting job:

I was going to castings with my mum, and I’d cry and cry when I didn’t get selected. You have to grow up pretty quickly … I needed to learn how to become comfortable in my own skin.

And now look at her, a beautiful and confident model. I don’t think you’ll getting much rejection anymore!