33-year-old Devon Newell, from Peckham, has been jailed for 11 years for attacking his pregnant girlfriend as she took a bath.

In an attack that left the 20-year-old victim partially blind, Newell punched her in the face and head and held her under water. His girlfriend managed to climb out of the bath when Newell punched and kicked her in the stomach – knowing that she was three months pregnant. When Newell told his girlfriend that he was going to get a knife, she managed to escape further injury by running out into the street naked and running to a neighbour’s house.

Despite the victim spending 13 days in hospital from her injuries, the baby lucikly survived and Newell was not arrested when the police were called.

He escaped punishment for three months until he was involved in a car crash which resulted in the death of 13-year-old Wictoria Karolina Was and taken to court. In February, he was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison for causing death by dangerous driving.

Yesterday, Newell was sentenced at Woolwich Crown Court after being taken to court in July and pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm; he received an 11 year sentence.

Detective Sergeant Lloyd Lewis said of Newell’s conviction:

Devon Newell used so much force on the victim that he fractured her eye socket and left a clear trainer print on her stomach.

The victim required surgery on her cheekbone and is now partially-sighted in her left eye.

The fact that the victim fled into the street completely naked shows that she was in genuine fear for her life. I am amazed that the unborn baby was not harmed.

I am very pleased with the significant term of imprisonment imposed by the judge today which truly reflects the heinous nature of Newell’s crime.

Domestic abuse is a priority for Sussex Police and I would urge anyone who is suffering with domestic abuse to call Sussex Police for further help and support.