Desmond Porter, 31, has been found guilty and jailed after he hit his friend over the head with a bottle and slashed him in the face with a knife because they argued in an off licence about what beer to buy.

Porter and two of his friends were drunk when they were at the RK Wines shop in Birmingham and started arguing. A fight broke out in the shop before going out into the street, Porter then smashed a bottle over his friend’s head then pulled a knife out and slashed him in the face narrowly missing his eye.

Police were called to the scene by the shopkeepers, and when officers arrived they witnessed Porter throw the weapon and run away from the scene but he was caught by officers who chased him down.

Porter denied all charges and involvement until he was shown footage of the attack on CCTV.

DC Andrew Hiles said:

Even though we had the crime captured on camera, Porter failed to take responsibility for his actions and repeatedly denied the assault.

It was only when he was shown the CCTV footage that he changed his tune.

Today, Porter was jailed for four years and eight months at Birmingham Crown Court for the attack.