The MOBOs are taking place tomorrow at Glasgow’s SSE Hydro and we know it’s tempting to want to draw attention to yourself and wear what you think will make you stand out, but sometimes the extra excitement can make us take things too far.

Just to keep anyone attending this year’s ceremony level headed and make sure they don’t go crazy fashion-wise, I’ve got guide of what NOT to wear for this year’s awards show.


Plan B at MOBOs last year

Something With No Effort

Maybe you don’t want much attention on the night. Maybe all you planned to do was sit at the MOBOs and support your friend who’s nominated for an award, but the MOBOs is a televised event with a whole bunch of press in attendance. Wearing something boring may mean that security mistakes you for a lost crowd member and you might end up getting firmly escorted to the general area with all the other peasants non-celebs. Then it’s no more free champers for you.


Leona Lewis on stage

Something With Too Much Effort

On the other hand, wearing something crazy isn’t always the best idea. You may feel as fabulous as Grace Jones when you give yourself one last look in the hotel room mirror, but when the ceremony is underway and the caged doves that were a part of your dress escape during your acceptance speech instead of during your performance, then you’ll wish you weren’t so feeling extravagant that night.


A stylish but predictable look from Tinie Tempah

Something Forgettable

The happy medium between an outfit that isn’t boring and one that isn’t too out there is a fine line and you may end up wearing an outfit that is plain old forgettable.

Oh, look Alexandra Burke in a long gown with red lipstick. Oh, look Labrinth in a navy suit.

Snore, let’s move on, you look the same for every red carpet event.

You want something that people will be talking about for at least a week afterwards and raiding all the high street shops trying to find a cheaper version of.


Alexandra Burke and Georgia May Foote at the Pride of Britain Awards 2012

Something Someone Else is Wearing

What’s worse than turning up to an event and someone else is wearing your dress? YOUR DRESS?! See, this is why I always keep a sewing kit handy so that the girl who’s wearing the same ASOS bodycon dress as me can get a whole new look, courtesy of me and my amateur dressmaking skills.

She’ll regret the day she dared step outside looking the same as I did…


Rita Ora in Las Vegas and at the Stephen Lawrence Concert… in the same week

Something You’ve Worn Before

As a celebrity – or as someone who’s ever had their picture taken – the last thing you’d want is photographic evidence that you’re an outfit recycler. Yes, everyone (normal) does it but when you’re famous you must keep up the image that you have an endless supply of gorgeous clothes to wear or no one will respect you.