We’re still feeling like crap after making the long trip to Scotland for the MOBO Awards last Saturday, but thought we’d share some of our favourite pictures with those of you that couldn’t be there.

So here’s six of our fav pics from the MOBO Awards 2013.

1. Craig David looking less than impressed with Fuse ODG’s performance.

Everyone else is having so much fun and Craig David is just like: “No”

craig david unimpressed with fuse odg mobos 2013

2. Aluna Francis of AlunaGeorge looking like the biggest Little Red Riding Hood we ever did see

aluna george little red riding hood mobos

3. Kanya King looking like 145th member of So Solid Crew

kanya king so solid crew member

5. Konan looking like he can’t believe he’s on stage accepting an award or like he’s about to launch into attack mode…

krept and konan win award mobo shock

6. Fuse ODG being carried, like the African prince he is, onto the stage

fuse carried onto stage mobos 2013