naughty boy drunk at the mobos If there’s one thing you don’t want to be when accepting your first MOBO Award, it’s drunk.

But one attendee may have had a bit too much to drink as he stumbled onto stage and gave a speech we struggled to understand.

naughty boy drunk at the mobos 2013

Naughty Boy walked away with two awards at this year’s MOBOs. And after winning the award for Best Song for his track La La La, he pulled himself onto the stage, struggled to get his words out and started playing around with the MOBO Award, while a confused looking Sam Smith watched on.

When Naughty Boy picked up his second award, he still appeared to be drunk and ended his speech with a suggestion we all agreed with, when he said: “I think I should stop now”.

Yes, you probably shouldn’t have started…

naughty boy mobo awards drunk

According to a source, the 28-year-old was under the influence from very early on in the show and had to sober up as quick as he could before his performance.

Those watching the show on TV also commented on how intoxicated the producer was: