A 23-year-old man was killed this Saturday as he went on a night out to celebrate the birth of his new baby son after getting caught up in a brawl.

Benji Bolsenbroek, from Middlesbourough, went out with friends near the Park Hotel on Linthorpe Road when a fight broke out involving up to 25 men and women. Benji tried to break the fight up and got injured, he managed to make it to his mother’s house later but later felt ill.

He was taken in a taxi to James Cook University Hospital where he died around 1am.

It is reported that he was showing off pictures of his newborn son, Kianey, just hours before the brawl. His girlfriend and mother to his child, Georgina McGuire, wrote a tribute on her Facebook to Benji:

I am numb, only the support of my true love Benji Bolsenbroek would get me through such a traumatic time but I am taking comfort in the fact he got to witness our perfect son enter the world.

He was the best dad ever and had so much more to give but he lives on with all of us in Kianey.

I’m truly overwhelmed by all of the support, just hoping deep down I will wake soon from the worst nightmare of my entire life. Sleep tight handsome, until we meet again. I love you more than words could ever say and I always always will xxx

So far no arrests have been made and police are still appealing for help and information.