channel 4 show sex box des lashimbaIf you ever thought you’d make your life more exciting by having sex in a box, think again.

A probation officer from Manchester could be facing disciplinary action after he failed to get permission to appear on a Channel 4 TV show – where he has sex in a box.

I mean there’s so much wrong with this.

  1. Why does Channel 4 have a show that features people having sex in a box? Are they running out of ideas?
  2. Since when does one need to ask permission from their boss to have sex?
  3. You’re obviously a freak if having sex in a box, in front of a live audience turns you on

Channel 4 has a new show called the Sex Box. In the show couples have 35 minutes to have sex in a large box on stage. After they’ve had their way with one another, they openly discuss how much fun they had with presenter Mariella Frostrup, a panel of experts and a studio audience.

Des Lashimba, a probation officer based at Manchester Magistrates’ Court, took part in the show Sex Box with his partner Lynette Ellis. But his bosses, who don’t give a toss about his sex life, are mad as hell because he is portrayed as ‘the face’ of the probation service at Manchester Magistrates Court. And feel he may embarrass them.

Lashimba could now face disciplinary action as he did not approve anything with his bosses.

A representative at the Greater Manchester Probation Trust said the bosses will review whether Mr Lashimba has breached employee guidelines after it is shown. A spokesman said:

We did not know a GMPT employee was going to be appearing in the programme. As we have not seen the programme, we don’t yet know if it will have a reputational impact on either the Trust or on the employee, and we will review the situation after it has been televised.

So all the senior management are going to be watching him have sex? Wow. The workplace sure has changed since my parents days.