r2bees afrobeats-music-festival-october-2013-o2indigo1336

R2Bees were the headline act at the Afrobeats Festival on 28 October, performing some of their much loved hits.

r2bees afrobeats-music-festival-october-2013-o2indigo1400The Ghanaian stars got the crowd excited as they brought energy and passion onto the stage, with songs such as It’s Alright and Slow Down.

r2bees performance afrobeats-music-festival-october-2013-o2indigo1381The D3 dancers joined the artists on stage, wearing sport jerseys that exposed their minuscule shorts/knickers when they jumped around. Which they did a lot.

r2bees d3 dancers afrobeats-music-festival-october-2013-o2indigo1392In fact, the performance started to get a little bit naughty, as the show went on.

d3 dancers afrobeats-music-festival-october-2013-o2indigo1415And just in case their splits and flashes of underwear, didn’t excite us enough, one of the dancers engaged in a little bit of groping.