Not only is he clever and talented, but Chip is also somewhat of a domestic god as he proved that he gets on well with children and can cook a mean Caribbean feast if he ever gets hungry.

Sharing pictures of his Sunday dinner with friends, Chip held his friends daughter in his arms, made us say “awww” and go all gooey inside.


Then, proving that cuddling cute babies aren’t his only speciality, the 22-year-old shared the massive meal that he and his friends cooked up.


Me [email protected]_charlie shut it down in the kitchen today. And @bossbaff but he buss out before we took pics Lol. He made some craaaazy lamb. Charlie did the rice and brown stew chicken. The fry chicken was Chip & Charlie tag team lol (it was in the oven simmering these times). I made the Mac&Cheese, BBQ chicken, coleslaw and Guiness punch MUD. Range of food. #sunday #bellyfull#setgood #CMAR music mud. Kitchen mud. Everyting MUD

The fried chicken that Chip actually did make wasn’t in the picture (convenient), but I’m choosing to believe that he made it and it was delicious.

I’m sure he’ll make some woman very happy one day.