elro disses x factor tamera and her boyfriend

Welsh MC Elro said some very mean things about X Factor’s Tamera Foster and her boyfriend Joshante on his Twitter account. His tweets led to a war of words that entertained us for some ten minutes.

tamera foster sexyIt all started when Elro mentioned a certain 16-year-old who may or may not be Tamera but probably is, saying she has fantastic oral skills. And no I don’t mean GCSE French orals.

The tweet was shown to Joshante by another Twitter user to which he replied:


Unknown you say? I think SB.TV’s YouTube channel begs to differ… Joshante, who describes himself as an entrepreneur and trader, added that Elro  was not in the same league as him.


Elro was not impressed and took it all the way there by insulting Joshante’s facial features.

That’s just mean Elro.

Joshante then hit back, commenting on Elro’s choice of clothes and current location.



A lil bit of harmless bragging… Joshante also commented on Elro’s blue tick:



Elro then made a proposition to Joshante, saying he would offer him £10k if he ever got verified. (Can we get the same deal?)


The 23-year-old musician started to get irritated and brought out the race card.

But Joshante assured us he wasn’t a racist.


Then we got bored because all these other random people started to get involved and we got lost in all the tweets.

But good on Joshante for sticking up for his girlfriend!