Ex friends Jammer and Snakeyman had a very public falling out last year when Jammer exposed Snakeyman saying that his card got declined as they were out clubbing together and it came to his round.

This resulted in them both making diss tracks to each other and occasionally revisiting their beef with sly Twitter digs over the last year.

It seems that all may be forgiven between the two though, as Snakeyman was offered an invite to Jammer’s Lord of the Beats rave this Friday, where producers battle it out to see who’s the best:

Looks like Jammer wants Snakeyman there! He even said please.

In return, Snakeyman said he’d want to go to the rave:


Aww, how sweet! Make up, make up, never ever break up? Okay, maybe they won’t be inviting each other over for sleepovers any time soon but it’s a start.

Now let’s just hope this isn’t some sort of set-up.