wiley statue erected in bowNow if this isn’t the strangest campaign I’ve come across this year, I’m not sure what is.

Rinse FM Drive presenter, Julie Adenuga has started a petition to get a statue of grime pioneer Wiley erected in Bow.

Now if you’re new to the world of grime and have never heard of Wiley, here are a few posts to inform you and persuade you to sign the petition that will undoubtedly confirm his status as a legend.

Julie posted her petition on Change.org saying:

Richard Cowie (aka Wiley) has undoubtedly inspired an entire generation. A man who has put his heart and soul into what he believes in and consistently shows passion and perseverance.

Making this happen won’t be strenuous or daunting – it will be a joyous experience for all, with the community pulling together from all over London and it’s surrounding cities.

I personally love Wiley and I’m excited to know what pose the statue will be in. The petition currently has 1,105 supporters.

But seriously people, If this actually happens it will be so epic! So get signing.