rita ora drag queen makeupRita Ora was recently named as the latest face of Rimmel. A make-up brand. Surely her contract should state that she’s not allowed to leave her house looking like a drag queen?

The How We Do singer was snapped on her way to the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill looking like she’d been shot in the face with a make-up gun.

rita ora messy hairRita wore a white crop top and pale, ripped denim jeans. And even though her amazing washboard stomach was on display, we couldn’t stop looking at the blue smudged across her eyes and the mop of hair on her head.  And don’t even think about calling it tousled.

rita ora hairShe’d obviously just left the set of the Rimmel Shoot, but did no-one think of offering her make-up wipes?

Too much Rita. Just too much.