Rita Ora looked nothing like the pop-RnB starlet that she started out as and more like an alternative alien when she took to the stage at the iHeartRadio LIVE concert in New York.

With her short hair dye many colours, the 22-year-old started off the night in an odd fur skirt and jumper combo and fur lined pointy shoes.



I know it’s cold but I know for a fact that there are better ways of keeping warm at the same time as actually looking good. It is possible.


The singer then went off for an outfit change and returned to the stage dressed as a Pokemon character.


In a yellow dress and yellow wedges with massive bows, Rita gave her all with an energetic performance – possibly to make up subjecting the audience to two of her horrendous outfit choices.


Two bad looks in one night? You’re on a roll Rita!

Pappzd Verdict: Hang The Stylist