Like any other ratchet programme that comes on TV, many people were tuned in to watch the My Crazy New Jamaican Life documentary as it came on Channel 4 late last night.

Following Debbie and Holly, two white British girls, who claimed to love all things Jamaican, the First Cut documentary was seen as a show full of negative stereotypes.

From Debbie, who put up with her Jamaican boyfriend (and father of her child) who cheated on her and had another ‘baby mama’, to Holly and her deep love for bashment music, Twitter was alive with people commenting on the crazy revelations in the show.

Clearly disappointed with the negative light the show put on Jamaican culture viewers appeared shocked to learn that Shola Ama was the narrator when they saw her name in the rolling credits. Hoards quickly flocked on Twitter to admonish the singer directly for associating herself with this kind of programme.

However, Shola was quick to defend herself from her critics as she wrote on her Twitter:

Now, Shola hardly filmed, cut, edit, produced and put out My Crazy New Jamaican Life but… Let’s face it bills need to be paid!

If anyone missed My Crazy New Jamaican Life and want to see the shambles that is Holly’s and Debbie’s lives, I’m sure you can catch it on 4OD.