rough-copy-x-factor-second-chanceRough Copy are the second favourites to win The X Factor following the first weekend of live shows, with Tamera Foster (the really hot one) bettering them in the odds. The girls at Pappzd are so in love with the Rough Copy lads and we really want them to win.

Now I haven’t actually voted yet, because my phone’s broken and I don’t know anyone who will lend me their mobile so I can spend 35p a minute voting. But here’s six reasons why we need Rough Copy in our lives, hopefully they’ll make you realise you need them too.


rough copy passport issueOne of them has visa issues. Which in my head means he’s more likely to accept my marriage proposal because I can get him a British passport.


rough copy harmonies

Every time I hear their harmonies I have to change my underwear.


rough copy wearing skirts and dressesThey wear skirts and dresses, but it’s OK because they’re talented.


rough copy first black boyband to win x factor

“oh my gosh girlfriend, we could actually win this!”

They could be the first black boy band to win the X Factor and we want them to know we love them now, before they blow and forget about us.


jls rough copy replaceJLS are about to become extinct in like five minutes and Rough Copy are the replacement we need.

6. rough copy breakfast in bedThey’re sweet but street, which means they’re probably really rough and dirty in the bedroom, but make you breakfast in the morning.

My type of guy.