Ladies, if you’ve ever had any wild sexual fantasies involving Boy Better Know MC Skepta, it may be for the best to never let those fantasies become a reality as he  revealed that he doesn’t last very long in the sack.

So… All Over The House was all a lie?

Like most in the public eye, Skepta is lusted after by a lot of his fans and one of his Twitter followers thought it was a good idea to tell him that she could “fuk” him all day. Instead of politely saying thank you and rejecting her gently, the MC decided to completely put her off of that idea by putting down his lovemaking skills:


Hmm. Not sure you’d want to make that public information Skepta. But, now it is. And everyone knows your secret.

I’m sure that won’t stop a bunch of girls from queuing up to get their 10 minutes of passion with the MC though.