Who knew that one 16-year-old X Factor contestant could be surrounded by so much drama? From drugs to beating up girls to man-stealing, it’s just one thing after another with this talented yet rebellious teen.

The latest in the Tamera Foster saga is the revelation that the 16-year-old was caught stealing make up from Boots back in July, shortly after her first X Factor audition.

Well, have you seen the price of lipstick these days?!

… Not that stealing is ever acceptable kids.

After being caught by the manager of Boots, Tamera was spared any trouble from the police by being forced to explain why she stole the make up, apologise for her thieving ways and then attempt to pay for the goods.

And Tamera’s apologies didn’t end there as she recently had to get on her knees and beg to the producers of X Factor to forgive her for her cheap and illegal behaviour – okay, maybe not that dramatic but still.

We can’t keep up with this girl and her troubles! However, it’s just another reason to keep ourselves glued to X Factor and the soap drama that is Tamera Foster.