tamera foster sexyTamera Foster’s current partner has bashed one of her ex-boyfriends for doing an interview with The Sun, exposing Tamera as a cheat.

tamera foster current boyfriend joshante

Tamera and her current boyfriend Joshante

Joshante was annoyed that his name had been mentioned in the article, which claims he sent Tamera’s then boyfriend Duwaine Sarumi, a message basically saying that his five-year relationship with Tamera was over because she was seeing someone else. And that someone else was him.


He also tweeted a picture of another story, this time from one of his ex-girlfriends who said Tamera stole him off her.


Rachel had been dating Joshante for two years when she allegedly found topless photos of Tamera on his phone, leading to their break up in August. She said:

Tamera and Joshante are both to blame. But she 100 percent knew we were in a relationship. She’d text things like “how are you today babe?”. I’d think ‘you shouldn’t be sending things like that’. Joshante insisted she was just a friend. I tried to believe him.

How have these teenagers managed to live the type of lifestyles we see on EastEnders?

We think someone should lock the four of them in a castle and let them sort out their issues. Hunger Games style.