tinie tempahI find Tinie Tempah quite boring. He’s never pictured falling out of clubs and as far as I’m aware he has no baby mamas. But a recent revelation has made the Trampoline rapper’s life seem a little bit more exciting.

Tinie revealed that he had sex with a groupie while her mother waited outside his dressing room, listening on as Tinie did the dirty to her child. He said:

This girl came to see a show with her mum. They both hung around after the show and the daughter was giving me the look. I thought: ‘You’re lovely, but your mum’s here’

The 25-year-old star then went on to say that after the groupie’s mum gave them the thumbs up, he hurried her into his dressing room and had sex with her.

We flirted and there was banter that hinted at it. And then the mum was like: ‘Oh, I don’t mind, I’ll wait!’ So her mum just waited outside the dressing room. That was weird.

Yh maybe just a little bit Tinie…

My mum wouldn’t even come to a concert with me, let alone sit around while I shagged a bloody rapper in his dressing room!