tulisa shoe collectionSeeing as Tulisa’s not making music, writing books or being a suspected drug fixer anymore, she now has time to focus on the more trivial things in life.  Like clearing out her cupboard and getting rid of all the awful outfits she’s made us look at over the past few years.

tulisa louboutinsThe former N-Dubz singer uploaded a video onto her Instagram account, telling her followers that she was finally sorting out her shoe collection. And by sorting out, we mean lining them all up in her living room and taking pictures of them.

Tulisa also mentioned that she would try and give some of the shoes away to charity, so that everyone can walk in her shoes.

But the 24-year-old star let her fans know that she’d be saving all the good shoes for herself, by showing off a few Louboutins, which she called straight keepers.

Isn’t this the same girl that put her Loubs in a tesco bag?